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The Definitive List For Reducing The Bulk And Carrying Around A Minimalist Wallet

Veröffentlicht von Aviator Wallet am 22.09.2020

Wallets have become a repository for unnecessary items. When looking at your grandads wallet, you’ll find that it's probably just as big as your mother’s hand purse. Well, we are here to tell you that the days of the oversized wallet are gone. For that reason, we have created the ultimate list of things you can do to turn your wallet into a slim wallet. Before we get started in sharing our secrets with you, let us mention how a slim wallet just feels better in your pocket. It’s like your life will get easier when you are not tugging around a brick of a wallet everywhere you go.

Say Goodbye To The Rubbish:
Pull your wallet out right now and take a look at how many unnecessary things your holding. Go ahead and take everything out. Spread it all out on your desk and take a good look. You will certainly find receipts, notes, pieces of paper and maybe even a few other things you weren't expecting. Its common, we all do it. This is your chance to clean it out and convert it into a minimalist wallet. The important thing is to rid yourself from carrying around any unnecessary rubbish. The idea is to aim for a minimalist wallet that you barely even notice is in your pocket.

Do You Really Need So Much Cash:
Today's world is quickly becoming cashless. With the advent of digital currency and mobile payment apps, do you even really need cash or bulky overloaded money clips. It's always a good idea to carry around small amounts of cash for emergencies, but any more than that is really unnecessary. It's just one more thing in your pocket taking up unnecessary space. If you feel like you need to carry a large amount, try carrying a couple large denomination bills rather than dozens of smaller 1’s and 5’s.

Digitize Those Business Cards:
There are a few ways you can digitize your business cards. You can manually enter the information as a contact in your phone or simply snap a photo of them. Either way, it's better than carrying around a ton of physical cards everywhere you go.